Activon Manuka Honey Dressing

100% Manuka honey for autolytic debridement and natural applications

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Activon Tulle is a knitted, viscose mesh wound dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka honey. Activon Tulle wound dressing creates a moist healing environment to effectively eliminate wound odor.

Activon Tulle Manuka Honey Dressing is ideal for debriding, or de-sloughing small areas of necrotic or sloughy tissue in granulating, or shallow wounds.

Made of 100% Manuka Honey, unique to New Zealand, made of nectar gathered by bees from the Leptospermum Scoparium plant, promoting essential wound healing functions, which are often found individually in other types of dressings:

  1. Autolytic Debridement
  2. Odor Control
  3. Granulation / Epithelialization


  • 100% Medical Grade Manuka honey from New Zealand
  • No additives or preservatives
  • The 100% Manuka honey is filtered and sterilized
  • Suitable for application to granulating, or shallow wounds

What is the the purpose of 100% Medical Grade Manuka Honey in wound care?

  1. De-bride and deslough wounds
  2. Eliminate odors
  3. Provides a moist wound healing environment


Activon Manuka Honey is ideal for debriding necrotic tissue. It is deal for applying topically to the dressing, or applying directly into shallow wound cavities. Honey can be washed away using normal saline solution. As honey is a natural product any remaining honey will not have any adverse effects.

Types of wounds:

Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, graft sites, cavity wounds or applied to a primary dressing.


  • Although the honey is not absorbed into the bloodstream, we advise monitoring the levels of patients with diabetes.
  • Do not use if you have an allergic to bee stings (venom).
  • Discomfort can be experienced when honey is applied, depending on sensitivity of the wound it may be necessary to consider an appropriate level of analgesic. The initial discomfort usually subsides, however if it does continue, discontinue use and irrigate the wound with saline solution

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