M.4®s Comfort Compact Knee Brace

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The M4s Comfort functional knee brace offers excellent strength, durability and patented technology to provide exceptional performance. The frame design incorporates medi’s “s” frame design and utilizes the time proven four point principle to help control and support knee movement and incorporates a floating buckle system with numbered straps for ease of application and optimum fit. The M4s utilizes the patented Physioglide hinge to accurately match the knee’s natural movement there-by minimizing migration and enhancing compliance and outcomes. The Physioglide offers extension, flexion and immobilization settings for all popular protocols. The compact version is perfectly suited for patients with shorter legs or that have a need for a brace to fit above special footwear such as ski boots. This brace is 13.75″ long

  • Optimal stabilization using the 4-point principle
  • Effective ligament stabilization of the knee
  • Adjustable physioglide hinge
  • Anatomically premolded frame
  • Non-slip padding ensures compliance

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