M.4®s OA Comfort Compact Knee Brace



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The M4s OA Comfort Compact osteoarthritis knee brace modifies the standard 4 point brace concept to create a design that ensures excellent patient compliance and outcomes. It incorporates medi’s patented varus/valgus loading mechanism to provide effective treatment for moderate and more significant symptoms of uni-compartmental osteoarthritis. The unique flex-bar system allows the strut opposing the loading mechanism to flex providing effective pain relief and reduce point-loading pressure and enhance patient comfort. The advantages of the flex-bar, loading mechanism and ability to align the brace to the individual patient combine with the soft-grip padding system and numbered straps to provide exceptional patient satisfaction and high compliance. The hinged thigh bar adds additional comfort.

  • Precise off-loading for unicompartmental OA
  • Durable, smooth acting polycentric hinges
  • Air/foam condylar pads with dual layer covers
  • Non-slip padding ensures compliance
  • Safeguards against hyperextension


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Left, Varus, Right, Varus, Left, Valgus, Right, Valgus


XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X

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